outros livros legais sobre viagens & crianças

Pena que só o primeiro é em português, e ele está à venda nas principais livrarias do país (Cultura, FNAC, Saraiva). Os outros são todos em inglês, e podem ser comprados através do site Amazon, onde dá também para clicar na capa e ler alguns trechos dos livros (onde diz: click to look inside).

Crianças a Bordo – Como viajar com seus filhos sem enlouquecer é um manual prático que ajuda a organizar a rotina de adultos e crianças nos mais variados estilos de viagem, que eu escrevi. Desde o planejamento, a escolha dos destinos mais adequados para cada idade, o que levar na mala, kit-básico de sobrevivência longe de casa, informações sobre atendimento especial em voos, reservas de hotéis, farmácia básica, atividades para fazer dentro do avião, rotina com bebês e crianças pequenas (2, 3 anos), maiorizinhos e adolescentes e muitos outros detalhes para tornar inesquecível uma viagem em família. O livro tem formato pocket e 100 páginas. O texto leve, divertido e o conteúdo extremamente útil fazem dele um sucesso para quem gosta de viajar e pretende colocar o pé na estrada com a criançada.

Desde que eu era pequena, eu viajava com meus pais para os lugares no Brasil e América do Sul. Ao longo do tempo, comecei a ir cada vez mais longe. Fui guia de grupos para a Disney, morei em Nova York, viajei pela Américas, Europa, Ásia e África de carro, trem e avião. Hoje, sou mãe de Luiza (2 ano) e do Pedro (7 anos), e continuo viajando. Foi na volta de uma viagem de 30 dias com toda a família para a Tailândia e Dubai, que resolvi dividir com outras mães a minha experiência.

Take your kids travelling! Take them now! Children grow up fast and you’ll never find a better, more rewarding opportunity to enrich their lives, minds and souls – or yours – than during a family holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you skive off work and take them for a day-trip to the seaside or rent out the house and embark on a three-month expedition across Asia. From bucket-and-spade to epic escapade, family holidays create memories that will live with you long after your children have grown up. They provide quality time away from the rush and stress of everyday life; they are precious, hard-earned and over all-too-quickly.

Yes, they can also be pricey and hard work – and occasionally they might not go to plan. But they are always money well spent, and even the bad bits inspire priceless family jokes in years to come. So, ignore all those miserable types who pour scorn on this indispensable part of life – whose blinkered, joyless view of family holidays never sees beyond travel sickness, stroppy teenagers or how parents could possibly enjoy themselves without banishing the children to a crèche or kids’ club 12 hours a day. Travelling with kids is about making compromises to meet everyone’s needs. It’s about sharing and bonding as a family unit. It’s the immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction of showing your children just how amazing the world is; of seeing their faces light up at things you might otherwise have taken for granted. Family holidays allow you to take stock of life and appreciate what’s really important. So seize them. Travel with your kids. Do it this year and every year you can.

From pre-trip planning to pre-empting and dealing with challenges when away, The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children is the ultimate comprehensive guide to hassle-free family travel. With the low-down on everything from planning your itinerary and accommodation to what to bring and how to pack it, the guide is packed with tips on painless travel by plane, car, bus or train, as well how to deal with delays, queues and travel sickness. Insiders’ tips from destinations all around the globe ensure you’ll know what to expect when you arrive. You’ll find thoroughly researched and accessible advice on coping with the challenges once you’re there, from eating out with toddlers to getting enough sleep. Ideal for busy parents, the guide comes complete with listings of resources, websites and further reading, plus handy checklists, first-hand stories and advice from travel industry experts and parents who’ve been there and done it.

I took my first flight as a parent when my daughter was 5 weeks old, and by the time she turned 2 years old, she'd crawled, cruised, or walked on 4 continents and a handful of islands, and had a brand new sister to boot. I know not everyone is as enthusiastic when it comes to traveling with children, and I understand--it's not easy traveling with little ones. But then, it's not always easy staying home with them either! Whether you HAVE TO travel with your child, or you HAVE TO TRAVEL--and you're ready to try it with your child, my new book can help. Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool-Age Children.

From the author of the award-winning guide Travels with Baby comes this pocket-size survival manual for parents traveling with small children. Packed with hundreds of on-the-go tips, parents get quick access to the information and advice they need as they travel, including: babyproofing hotel rooms or vacation rentals on arrival, keeping babies happy in the back seat, managing toddlers on airplanes, translating various baby items and conversions while traveling abroad, and finding medical help or remedies far from home. Age-appropriate games and activities also help keep babies, toddlers, and preschoolers entertained in transit. Plus special sections help parents organize their travel details for each trip and also make it easy to fill in the blanks and log favorite family moments along the way. 

Our team of parent-authors gives you ideas and advice about every aspect of traveling with your kids, from planning to packing to getting along on the road - and what to do when things go wrong.


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  1. Oi! Que bacana que você recomendou o Crianças a Bordo, obrigada. Anda não ouvi falar de nenhum outro guia deste tipo por aqui, só os de algum destino especifico como Buenos Aires com Crianças (também da Pulp) e um NY com crianças que (acho) ficou esgotado e não foi feita uma nova edição!

    O blog é uma delícia! Parabens!